Our Services

Technical Installations

As a part of our business, ATM has obtained substantial experience with technical installations with a focus in "electrical, audio, video, LED video wall, automation, mechanical, controls". Working closely with our clients we aim to optimise costs and energy expenditure whilst ensuring that specific deliverables will be completed in a timely and reliable manner. 


From projects such as the Diamond Lobby at Galaxy to works at the cultural centre while partnering with Tait, ATM has long history working on providing maintenance services to clients with various sized operations. Our flexible team takes a proactive approach to guarantee contracted services are completed as satisfied. This is ensured by quick and accessible communication with us.


To certify that projects are in a working state, troubleshooting is required to determine likely causes of issues that could arise. ATM applies a holistic approach to troubleshooting, testing as much as we can to identify and eliminate potential issues early therefore allowing the operation to move forward more efficiently. 

System Integration


ATM offers a variety of high quality products ready to be shipped worldwide. Products range from Communication Systems solutions based on optical fiber technology products by OSD, Integrated Communication Systems products by Jacques Technologies to Consultancy and Implementation of custom hardware/software solutions by Parafernalia Ltd.