Our Previous Projects


Wynn Palace - Winch Replacement 


Project Completed: 2021


Wynn Palace's Winch Replacement project was done in the Casino's north atrium where ATM had previously done installations for the atrium show where the winches are utilised to wind up and down hot air balloons. In 2021, while working alongside TAIT, ATM completed maintenance works on the winches which included the removal and replacement of one which was subsequently followed by load testing to ensure proper function.  


Wynn Palace - Performance Lake Lighting Replacement


Project Completed: 2020


Wynn Palace Performance Lake is a 30,000m2 of orchestrated water and sound performance space. Working for Wynn Design and Development and Wynn Palace, ATM is currently working on the upgrade of the LED lighting in the lake with equipment supplied by WET.


These works include the removal of around 4000 existing LED lights and the Installation of over 2000 new lighting fixtures and brackets. Electrical technicians are required to conduct all activities in the water with a depth of up to 1.9m making this one of the most unique projects our team has encountered.






Galaxy - Diamond and Crystal Lobbies


Diamond Lobby Completed:    2009

Crystal Lobby Completed:         2009


Maintenance Completed:


The Diamond and Crystal Lobbies were the first large scale attractions in Macau's hotel lobbies. Working with Entertainment Design Corporation and its vendors, Technifex, LA Pro-point and Lexington, ATM provided all local technicians and supervisors to complete the works. This included electricians, metal workers, welders, carpenters, painters and general workers.


The diamond lobby consisted of building all the mechanical structures for the inner and outer waterfall rings, building the diamond, installing all motors, control racks, cabling and terminations.


The Crystal lobby consisted of assembling all crystals in their respective pools, installing all lighting, control racks, cabling and terminations


Wynn Macau - Rotunda LED Display


Project Completed: 2020




Studio City - Batman Ride


Project Completed: 2015


Studio City's Batman 4-D flight simulator is the first one ever from DC Comics. ATM worked on installations on the Electrical and Control side of the Batman Ride. Installation of LED Lanterns including electrical and control side were also completed by us as was the Installation of fiber optic infrastructure for Cosmos video projectors. This project truly highlights our range of projects and our capacity to complete unique one off jobs we haven't yet encountered.




Menzies - Macau International Airport


Project Completed: 2014


Installation of Mega-pixel CCTV system at Macau International Airport. Through this project we've provided comprehensive coverage of around the clock network of security cameras with sufficient storage and proper cabling.


Amaral Roundabout - Macau


Project Completed: 2011


Installation of 400 Philips Colour LED strips including Pharos controller at the roundabout in front of Grand Lisboa. Includes interface with existing AMX touchscreen controller. Industrial Rope access techniques used to access structure. Testing and commissioning of control systems included.


House of Dancing Water - City of Dreams


Project Completed: 2010


Installation of theatrical lighting and control systems at House of Dancing Water with White Light. This includes the installation at height of lighting and controls at Bubble feature.